Piglatin Cocina


Kick in the Mouth $7

Rum Old Fashioned

Pig Latin's take on the classic. Rum, sugar, bitters. 

PigLatin Old Fashioned

The perfect way to finish ANY day. Tequila blend, sugar, bitters. 

Pisco Mule 

No copper mug, but still has a kick! Pisco, tequila, hibiscus, ginger beer.

So Fresh So Clean $7

PigLatin Daq

Your new favorite, an old classic. Rum, lime, sugar


Light and refreshing. Rum, mint, lime, sugar.

Hibiscus in Jamaica

A traditional hibiscus-style tea with a healthy portion of rum and spices

Sweet, Like Yo Mama $7


Latin White Russian. Rum, cream, cinnamon.

Guava Mama

A tropical infusion of tequila, guava, lime, and pineapple.

Piglatin Paloma

Our take on a Latin classic. Grapefruit, tequila, lime, simple & bubbles.

Cuba Libre

A refreshing classic. Coke, spiced rum, lime and ginger.

Rich Like Yo' Daddy $9


Spicy beer cocktail. Bloody mix, spicy tequila & a Latin beer of your choice.

Bloody Mezz

A smoky adaptation of the Bloody Maria. Mezcal, Spicy tequila & bloody mix.

Juan Collins

Our Latin Tom Collins. Aguardiente, lemon, agave & bubbles.

Jala-Piña mojito

The sweetest and spiciest drink on this side of Bear Creek. Jalapeño pineapple infused tequila, mint, lime & bubbles.


Piglatin’s re-invention of the mimosa. Guava with sparkling wine & lime.


A sweet and smoky classic. Mezcal, lime, sugar, guava & a splash of hibiscus. 


Cocina Marg

One of the world’s most popular cocktails. Tequila, orange liqueur, lime, agave

Spicy Marg

Classic margarita infused w/ jalapeños & chili peppers, tequila, orange liquor, lime, agave.

Spicy-Smokey Marg

 Like the Spicy Marg, but with a shot of mezcal for a smooth, smoky flavor.


Get Colorado $5

Dales Pale Ale

Ranger IPA

Upslope Citra Pale

Upslope Experimental IPA

Fat Tire

New Belgium 1554

Odell 90 Shilling


Get Cultured $4


Modelo Negra

Dos Equis Lager



Get the Job Done $3

Coors Light

Miller High Life



Blue Moon


Glass $6 

Black Box Premium Wines




$9 Pick 2 Tacos - Comes with Choice of Solo

Island Taco $3

Pineapple braised pork, jalapeno-habanero cilantro cream, cabbage, cotija, lime, crunchy blue tortilla

Chimi Shrimp Taco $4

Shrimp, queso fresco, black bean sauce, arugula, chimi vinaigrette, cilantro. Served w/ corn tortillas.

Yucatan Taco $3

Street style tacos. Banana-leaf tequila braised pork, cilantro, cotija cheese, pickled onions. Served w/ corn tortillas.

Mojo Mushroom $3

Mojo shrooms, arugula, sofrito, queso fresco, fried leeks. Served w/ corn tortillas.

Guava Lava Chicken $4

Spicy sweet grilled chicken, queso fresco, pickled onions, pineapples, arugula. Served w/ corn tortillas.


Black Beans $1.50

Chorizo White Beans $2

Rice $1.50

Fried Egg $1.50

Upgrades $1

Cheesy Rice Balls




Latin American Fried Masa, Served Open Faced

Stacked Arepa $8

Pineapple pulled pork, melted mozz, sautéed spinach, sriracha. Served w/ maduros.

Pork Belly Arepa $9

Fried chicharrón, melted mozz, mojo vinaigrette, queso fresco, black bean purée, arugula, sriracha, cilantro. Served w/ maduros.

Chimi Shrimp Arepa $9

Shrimp, melted mozz, mojo vinaigrette, queso fresco, black bean purée, arugula, sriracha, cilantro. Served w/ maduros.

Veggie Arepa $8

Maduros, melted mozz, mojo vinaigrette, queso fresco, black bean purée, arugula, sriracha, cilantro. Served w/ yuca.


Black Beans $1.50

Chorizo White Beans $2

Rice $1.50

Fried Egg $1.50


Piggy Grilled Cheese $9

American/Mexican Cheese, thick bacon, spinach, sautéed onions, Texas toast.Served w/ garlic parm fries. ADD Sunny Side Up Egg $1.5

Piglatin Plate $11

Citrus-garlic pork, rice, black beans, roasted jalapeño-habanero cilantro cream. Served w/ maduros & elote.

Chorizo Melt $9

Chorizo, grilled onion, green chili aioli, Muenster/Mexican cheese, fried egg, arugula, cilantro. Served w/ platano maduros.

Cubano $9

Citrus pork, ham, swiss, mustard, pickles, pressed bread. Served w/ yuca.

Not Yo' Mama's Veggie Bowl $10

Rice, beans, yuca, tostone, maduro, mojo mushrooms, arugula, pickled onions, island sauce & a side of chimi, cotija cheese, cilantro. Add Egg $1.5


Black Beans $1.50

Chorizo White Beans $2

Rice $1.50

Fried Egg $1.50

Solos Y Mas

Platano Maduro $4

Fried sweet plantain

Tostones $4

Fried green plantain

Yuca $4

Like fries but better

Garlic Parm Fries $5

Black Beans $1.50

Chorizo White Beans $2

Rice $1.50

Fried Egg $1.50

Mad Chingón

Chicharron $5

Fried pork belly.

Elote $4

Latin corn-on-the-cob w/ cilantro, mayo, cotija cheese, ancho chicharrón salt.

Cheesy rice Balls $4

(2) Fried, stuffed w/ ham n cheese, choice of sauce.



Cuban Pastelito $3

Cream cheese and guava pastry

Churros $3

Fried pastry, sugar, cream cheese with guava sauce.